Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle

Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle
Service Fee $7.25
Monthly fee includes 4 weeks of diaper service, laundering and rental.

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Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle

Your Price: $7.25
Part Number:259

choose reusable while on the go!


  • Keeps messes and moisture sealed within
  • Holds up to six diapers
  • Soilded diapers agitate out during wash


Height Width Depth
7.5 12 6

Inside: coated nylon
Outside: waterproof PUL

Now you can rack up even more savings by taking your cloth diapers on the go! The compact design of Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle allows you to tuck this handy tote in your pocket or diaper bag when you and baby are out and about. Made from two layers of laminated textiles. Soft and reliably waterproof PUL fabric on the outside and coated nylon on the inside with drawstring closure to keep messes and moisture sealed within. Thirsties Diaper Duffle is suitable storage for a full day away from home as it will hold up to six diapers at a time. Once soiled, simply toss the duffel in your washer with your diapers. No need to reach your hand in to pull out dirty diapers! The slick surface of the inner nylon will allow your diapers to slide out with ease.

Care & Use
Machine wash warm or hot. Dry in dryer or hang to dry.