Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

Thank you so much for choosing Nature's Premiere Diaper Service. We are so honored to have the privilege of working with you and your family. 

**We do NOT ship items off of this site. All products on our website are for service families only at this time. All orders placed that do not have an account with Nature's Premiere (unless gift registry purchases) will be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours.**

thank you for your patience while we finish up editing for our new site. This form will be updated through 2/1/2019.  If you have any questions please call us at 877.492.5684

Below are a few bullet points of our terms of use. Please note that our full terms and service agreement will be emailed to you following your purchase order within 1 business day. This agreement is sent via docusign, and is to be either signed digitally or printed and mailed back to us. We will have instructions for you in the email. Please read through all terms of service so there is a strong understanding of how our diaper service works and what you can expect from us. Thank you very much again, we look forward to working with you!

What is Nature's Premiere?

         Nature's Premiere is a cloth and compostable diaper service. We are a weekly diaper subscription service. We do not have locked term contracts, it goes month to month for both the cloth and compost. We are not an online shop. We offer products for our service customers, we do not ship. If you purchase an item and are not a service customer, you will be refunded immediately. We look forward to offering a selection of home laundering products to non service customers in the future.

Delivery overview:

   Nature's Premiere is a nightly delivery service, with deliveries on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Your area determines your delivery night. So for example, if you are located in Suffolk County, Long Island, you will have a Tuesday night delivery. We do not swap days, the delivery day is firm. 

Delivery hours are between 8pm-2am on your delivery night. Please leave your bag out by 8pm so we can ensure we make a successful swap. We do not offer reroutes at this time, so if you miss a bag pickup, please leave it out the following week and we will make the swap for you then. 

For apartments and co-ops, we must be able to make a safe swap with your doorman, or in a secure location in your building. If your building requires a key, please call to set that up. 

Nature's Premiere offers two types of diaper service, cloth diaper and compostable diaper. Please read below for some terms regarding both of them and please read thoroughly our full terms of use upon your order. 

Compostable diaper service:

  •       Compostable diaper service and handling fee is $60.00 per month. This is includes the pickup, drop off, handling and composting of the diapers. This does not include the diapers/wipes themselves. Diaper packs start at 11.99 each plus tax, wipes start out at 4.15 ea. plus tax.  There is a minimum order of 8 packs of diapers per month for sizes 1 and 2, since it is a smaller pack of diapers we have found that 2 packs a week work best for most families. Anything after size 3 can go  down to one pack. 

  • At this time, NPDS offers three brands of diapers. Bambo, POOF and Nature Babycare. We are in the middle of phasing out Nature Babycare however still currently offer it in our lineup.

  • In order for us to control what goes into our composting stream, and to continue to be able to provide this unique service, all diapers and wipes must come from NPDS. We do not compost diapers purchased elsewhere. We have good gauge of what 1 pack of diapers looks like, so if we are picking up more than that weekly we will immediately cancel the service agreement. It may seem hasty, but we cannot continue to offer the service, without full patronage from our families. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • For the healthy and safety of our drivers please note that we will not pickup diapers that are not enclosed tightly in a bag. Our drivers are not able to collect loose soiled diapers that are not bagged. We are looking out for the health and safety of everyone. So diapers that are loose left in bins, pails, garbages etc. will not be picked  up. In the event the bag breaks, please bag with another bag and we will collect it. This is a firm policy. 

Cloth Diaper Service:

  •       Nature's Premiere offers two types of cloth diapers. Prefold and bumGenius all in one diapers. 

  •     Our cloth diaper service is a rental service only. Once service is over, we collect all diapers back, including our laundry liner you are provided with. There is not an option to purchase our rental diapers at this time. 

  • Cloth diaper service, like our compostable diaper service, is in 4 week increments only. We do not offer a bi the week, or bi weekly service at this time. So if you are gifted 1 week of service, the three week balance has to be purchased separately. 

  • Upon cancellation, we have to pickup all diapers, clean and used. There will be a charge for each missing diaper that is not collected. Prefolds start at $4 each and all in ones are $25 each plus tax. 

Processing times:

    Currently there is a 3 week processing window for cloth diaper services. All in one services have a 5 week processing window. Compostable services have a 2 week processing window. 

Delivery nights:

    We are a nightly service, we do not offer delivery during the day.  Currently we have three delivery nights. Your delivery night is determined by your delivery area. We are not able to move this night in the event it does not work for you, so please make sure you note the below information to see if it works with your schedule. 

Monday- New York City between the hours of 8pm- 2am
Tuesday- Suffolk and Nassau County Long Island
Wednesday- Queens and Brooklyn 

Holiday/ storm reroute schedule:

   In the event there is a holiday that we observe that falls on a delivery night ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter) or if there is a storm, we will re route your night. We will either provide a pickup earlier in the week or postpone it until the next day pending weather if the delay was caused by that. On other holidays we will still offer pickup and drop offs. We cannot reroute for these days. Please contact our office at 877.492.5684 for scheduling a vacation hold if you are away during in service holidays.

**Please note that there are no refunds of any kind on purchased services packages.** You can always hold your service to a later date, or even gift it to a friend or relative. We are happy to refund service cancellation's within 24 hours of purchasing, but we are unable to offer that beyond that them period. Please review our full terms of use upon ordering service.