Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Registry Checklist

Registry Checklist

Thank you for registering with Nature's Premiere Diaper Service! Here is a checklist of services/accessories we suggest having while using our service or while cloth diapering on your own. We feel that the items listed below will make your experience with cloth diapers  easier. Next to each item we list, we will give a brief description of what they are used for. Remember, if you ever have any questions, please contact our online help desk, shoot us an email or give us a call at (877) 49-CLOTH. We are always happy to help in any we we can. Happy Diapering!

If registering for diaper service, we recommend going with the Deluxe Diaper Service package. With this package you have a choice of opting for organic diapers or regular prefold diapers. This package includes everything you need to get you started with cloth diapering. This package contains 5 Thirsties diaper covers (your choice of size and colors) 1- 14 Gallon DSQ  diaper pail, 1 carbon filter, citrus disc and a  3-Pack of Snappi diaper fasteners (also your choice of color). So if you are new to cloth, we recommend going with this package to get you started.

Along with our diaper service package, we also recommend our cloth wipes service. You will receive 120 cloth wipes per week, to use with your diaper service. This is a great way to reduce waste while still using a healthier alternative to toxic, chemical laden wipes on your child.

*Snappi Diaper Fasteners - Although our packages come with Snappis, we always recommend having more on hand just in case one...snaps! They are very durable, but will wear out with use (usually last about 4-6 months). Use these guys in place of pins. We recommend having at least 3 extra in stock.

*Bummis biodegradable Liners - Using liners are a great way to avoid messes. All you do is place the liner on the diaper, and then when she/he wets or poos, simply lift the liner up and flush it in the toilet. Using liners will help fight any diaper pail odor you may have (if you are not using our diaper service pail) and make changing time all the more easier. We recommend using liners on your baby when they start eating solid foods.

*Planet Wise Wetbags - We LOVE these bags! They are absolutely essential if you are cloth diapering full time (we hope you do, its really very easy!). Take wetbags with you while you run errands, go to work, etc, and store your dirty diapers in them. They are odor and wetproof, so you need not to worry about carrying around a stinky bag of diapers. They come in lovely prints also! We recommend having 2 medium wetbags and 1 large wetbag for those longer weekend trips.

*Wool Diaper Covers - Our diaper service packages come with Thirsties covers which are our favorite PUL cover, but we do recommend using wool covers at night. (To learn more about wool covers check out our "Why Wool?" link). Wool covers make a FANTASTIC night time cover, as they circulate air through baby's diaper preventing diaper rash. We recommend having 2-3 wool covers for your child's current size.

*DSQ Diaper Pail - Our service packages come with this diaper pail, but if you are cloth diapering at home we HIGHLY recommend using this pail as it is, in our honest opinion, the best pail available on the market today. It comes in 2 sizes, 14 gallon (recommended for our service customers) and 7 gallons (recommended for our home laundering customers). There is a carbon filter on the lid of the pail, which circulates odors through the pail so there is no stale odor in the pail when you open it. There is also a slot of our citrus disc freshners that you can put in it to give your pail a citrus scent. We love this pail and know you will too!

*Citrus Disc Freshener - These are for use in yoru diaper pail. If you are a NPDS customer, we provide these free to you. If you are laundering at home, we recommend having 5-8 on hand.

*Diaper Sprayer - We really only recommend this to our home laundering customers, since our service takes care of the laundering process for you. Just spray the poop off of the diapers and toss in your diaper pail. Spraying your diapers clean before putting them in the pail will help fight stains and odors in your diaper pail.

*Grandma Els Diaper Rash Solution - In the rare case that your child may develop a rash due to teething or using the wrong detergent (if you are home laundering), we highly recommend this natural diaper rash cream. It will heal and help prevent diaper rash and is cloth diaper friendly. Grandma Els uses only safe and natural ingredients in this effective formula. While this is great to have on hand, rest assured you do not need to use this with every change since cloth diapers are better for your babies skin then disposables.