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Diapering Our Wiggly Worm

Diapering Our Wiggly Worm

Posted by Stacey on 6/29/2012 to Guest Bloggers

When we began researching cloth diapers, we came across a lot of advice. "Snaps will last you longer." "AIO's are good for Dads and caregivers." "Try a bunch of different brands." "Double gussets hold leaks in." And that was just the beginning. But no one mentioned what to do when your baby enters the "wiggly worm" phase. For all the amazing qualities of cloth diapers, they don't matter if you can't actually get the diaper on your baby's tush. For us, the wiggling started early, around six months and has only gotten worse as he's gotten older (he's 10.5months now). Getting our son to lay down during a diaper change is like wrestling with a polar bear. Once he began crawling it got even worse; he was out of the room, butt in the air, diaper trailing behind him, before we could finish a change.

Getting him in a snap-on diaper became a 20-minute process. So during this extreme wiggle phase we've transitioned to a stash of mostly aplix diapers. Although still a bit of a challenge, the aplix is much easier to fasten on our squirmy boy. We've also come up with a few diaper changing positions to aid in the process:

  1. "You're under arrest!" We started this one once our guy was able to stand. We have him brace himself on the side of the crib/dresser/table in a frisking position, then remove the dirty diaper and then apply the diaper to him while he remains standing. Often, he can be distracted with toys in the crib. The drawback of this position is that puddles can happen - and puddles are fun to stomp in!
  2. "Knee shift." We credit our sitter with coming up with this one. The changer sits down and places clean diaper, open, on one knee. Sit baby, still in dirty diaper on opposite knee. Maneuver baby out of dirty diaper, transition baby to clean diaper, fasten, and then release squirmy worm to rage about. Works well with a pee-only diaper - becomes a disaster when you've got a code 2.
  3. "The dangler." This one requires two people - one changer gently holds the baby in the air, under the arms, while the other swiftly swaps the dirty diaper for a clean one. Risk of wayward sprinkles increases with this position.

Diapering our wiggly worm may never be a stationary feat again, but that doesn't mean changing time has to be a bummer. We're hoping, that one day, he'll become a bit more cooperative during diaper changes, but we're not holding our breath.

Contributed by guest blogger: Sam Heitov