Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Diaper Service Laundering Process

Diaper Service Laundering Process

When you sign up with Nature’s Premiere, you are using a professional laundering service to handle your babies diapers. We value your trust in this important task, so we are constantly finding new washing methods to make our system even more efficient without sacrificing the environment.

Our system is simple. Unlike some other services, we use earth friendly and EPA approved detergents to gently but effectively clean and sanitize your baby's diapers.

Diapers are pH tested and sent to a private lab to ensure your diapers are completely  sanitized and pH balanced.

All diapers are washed and sanitized at over 150 degrees, which is far hotter than home laundering (the high temperatures help fight staining and sanitize the diapers).

We do not use chlorinated bleach. At this time we use a lower temperature  oxygenated bleach which is not only more mild but less taxing on energy since it whitens and disinfects diapers at a lower temperature than other commercial bleaches.

All diapers are washed separately to ensure the same ones are sent back to you.

We are looking into OZONE cleaning, a unique technology  that not only gets your diapers brighter and is a better stain fighter, but its also completely safe on the environment! If and when we make the switch we will be sure to let you all know!

We offer this service as a convenience to families who do not want to or cannot  home  launder but still want to use cloth diapers. When using our services, you can rest assure that  your  baby is..

  • Using clean, pH balanced cotton diapers professionally laundered with baby and nature in mind
  • Is comfortable in cloth diapers
  • Is using one of the most eco friendly and less taxing method of diapering available
  • Is keeping literally  thousands of diapers  out of the landfills should they be in cloth until potty training
  • Is being taught at an early age sustainability

We take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to - thats what we are all about. However, if you have want to make the leap into home laundering on your own check this page out here for some very helpful hints!