Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Our Services Include:

Weekly Pick-Up/Delivery

We offer pickup and drop off at your door. Leave your used bag out for pickup and we will switch it with a new stack of compostables". It's easy!

Professional Composting

Compostable diapers are brought to a bio solids facility here in NY where they are composted within 12 weeks. Diaper compost is used in beautifying town projects for parks, recreational facilities and the like

Excellent Customer Service

Nature's Premiere is more than just a diaper service, we are a community. We value each and every customer and their family. Have a question or issue? Give our attentive service a call and we will be sure to take great care of you.

Our Compostable Diapers Are:

Easy To Use

No learning curve necessary.


Strict label for health and eco footprint

Dermatologist Tested

Gentle and comfortable on babies skin

Compostable Diapers

So what exactly are compostable diapers?

Compostable diapers are single use, disposable diapers. They are disposed of in a compostable liner that is provided and taken to a specialized facility where they are then composted within three months. Compost diapers contain far less chemicals than their conventional counterparts, and all but the elastic in legs and tabs is fully compostable. The filler is usually bamboo which is very soft on babies skin. Compostable diapers are more comfortable than conventional diapers which are very thin and loaded with super absorbent chemicals.

Our compostable program is the first of its kind in New York.

Back in 2009 when Nature's Premiere first opened, we had no idea that we would be the trailblazers in the alternative diaper movement in New York. First offering cloth diapers only, we realized a need for a disposable option as well. We put together a plan to collaborate with the only biosolids composting facility in New York State, In 2011 we started our composting service and have been servicing hundreds and hundreds of families since. We have kept many thousands and thousands of diapers out of landfills to date and continue to grow and improve our services to best serve the needs of our customers.

Our Compostable Service


Compostables Faqs

What is a compostable diaper service

A compostable diaper service is similar to a cotton diaper service except disposables are used in place of cloth. Each week we provide you with high quality compostable diapers and wipes. At the end of each week, leave your babys used diapers outside and we will pick them up and drop them off at our composting facility, so they never touch a landfill.

How much does a compostable diaper service cost?

Compostable diaper service fees depend on your needs for that month. Our base service fee is $39.99 per month. This covers the pickup/delivery and composting of the diapers and does not include diaper/wipes fee. Compostable diapers start at $13.00/pk plus tax and wipes are $4.50/pk. plus tax.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for service, we will contact you with your startup day. On your designated night, we will drop off your diapers and wipes for the week, then swing by the following week and pick them up. It's that's simple!

What brands of compostable diapers do you carry?

Currently, Nature's Premiere offers three brands to choose from. Poof diapers, Bambo diapers and Nature Babycare diapers.

Where do I store the diapers during the week?

Using the green compostable liner provided with your delivery, these diapers can be stored in a conventional diaper pail. We highly recommend the Busch Systems diaper pails found here. If using another type of pail please only put them in our compostable liner.

What if I miss a pickup?

Since we are only in your area one night a week, we are unable to offer re-routes. Hang onto the diapers and we will pick them up the following week.

Can I throw these diapers away?

Theoretically you can, but why? Just because they are compostable does not mean that they will break down in a landfill. Compostability of a diaper is determined by many factors, one being under optimal settings. If a diaper is tossed in a landfill, it will most likely never break down due to its less than optimal environment, thus blocking the oxygen needed to break it down. So do not throw your diaper out if you can help it, have us compost them!

Can I order diapers to be delivered before baby arrives?

Absolutely, its highly recommended. We ask all new parents to order 3 weeks ahead of time to ensure we drop off the diapers before the due date. While you can order anytime, its always best to order early in case baby decides to arrive early.

Can I order diapers from somewhere else and have Nature's Premiere compost them?

In order to protect the integrity of our service only diapers purchased from NPDS will be composted. We do not offer a compost only service at this time. We are forced to immediately cancel any account that violates these terms.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no starter fee for the compostable diaper service, only the month of service paid in advance.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee. Please see our terms of use on refunds and remaining service credits.

What are the environmental benefits of using compostable diapers?

There are several benefits to compostable diapering for babies and the environment. Compostable diapers range from 85%-90% compostable, meaning everything other than the tabs and elastic leg gussets can break down (companies are working with corn fiber now to make a fully 100% compostable diaper). These diapers are taken to a commercial facility where they are composted within 2 months. Diaper compost is used to sustain and grow living plants and grass, beautify public parks, schools, government buildings, churches, etc. Using compostable diapers help lift the burden on our inundated landfill's and helps to reduce emissions in our atmosphere that contribute to global warming. Although cloth diapering in our opinion is the most eco friendly way to diaper, compostable diapering is a great in between and helps to bridge the gap between convenience and sustainability.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not have contracts here at Nature's Premiere, but each new customer does sign a service agreement. This service agreement does not tie you into service for any length of time beyond the normal 4 paid weeks, it is just an agreement of our terms of service.

I have had this diaper service since my son was about a month old, and have been very happy with it! Not only is Nature's Premier environmentally friendly, they are extremely helpful and accommodating. If they can't answer the phone, they always call back right away, and answer any questions, and will even stop in and give helpful tips and advice. I have been very impressed with this service. And honestly, using the service is not that much more expensive than buying disposable diapers every week would be, but it's better for baby's skin, and for the landfills. I highly recommend Nature's Premier to any parent.- Karla S.

Our Compostable Diaper Options

Bambo Nature
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Service Fee $60.00
Monthly fee includes 4 weeks of diaper service, laundering and rental.

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Average Rating(0)
Service Fee $60.00
Monthly fee includes 4 weeks of diaper service, laundering and rental.

Click here to read our TERMS OF USE before ordering.

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Would you like wipes too?

Your Total: $60.00

Our Compostable Diaper Options

Deluxe Starter Package $250