Eco diapers delivered from Long Island to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.



ECO DIAPERS DELIVERED FROM LONG ISLAND to NYC we service from Riverhead Long Island to 150th street in NYC.

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Bummis Fabulous Wetbags from Nature's Premiere

Bummis Fabulous Wetbags
Service Fee $11.50
Monthly fee includes 4 weeks of diaper service, laundering and rental.

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Bummis Fabulous Wetbags

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Sturdy, dependable, easy care...

They are chic and convenient and very colorful! Double seamed on 3 sides, these bags are designed and constructed to be durable and absolutely leak resistant. Use them for anything wet diapers, bum wipes, swimsuits, cosmetics, travel bag, etc.

The small and medium Fabulous Wet Bags have a snap-able handle for strollers and a zipper for odor control.

The large Fabulous Wet Bags have two closure systems a zipper and a drawstring. Using both systems ensures the containment of any odors within the bag. The drawstring can also be used to hang the bag or to cinch it around a pail.

Hang it on a hook or a doorknob not only does Bummis Fabulous wet bag do a great job as a diaper pail, but it will also look beautiful on any door knob and wake up your entire diaper changing area!

Turn inside out for proper washing. Wash and dry with your cloth diapers at normal temperatures in washer and dryer. Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.

The Fabulous Wet Bags are made with careful attention to detail in the wonderful Bummis factory in Montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labor practices. The fabrics and components used are all sourced in North America and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free. The Bummis lovely minimalist packaging is environmentally friendly, made of chlorine free recycled fibers.

Comes in 3 sizes!
  • Small 10 X 12 inches
  • Medium 14 X 15 inches
  • Large 25 X 24 inches

Made in Canada.